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Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

‘A diverse, inclusive business takes the knowledge and experiences of a broader cross section of the local community and helps bring that business closer to the people it serves.’

At The Finance Family, we try and focus on constantly educating ourselves to remain inclusive and diverse. We believe that where possible we should all continually evolve and change in order to create a harmonious space within our team. We believe the best thing you can do is to maintain an open mind, meet people free of expectations and assumptions, and to listen to new perspectives of people from all walks of life. We believe that listening to different voices and viewpoints helps us to form stronger connections with those people that previously we may not have understood. We should accept everyone regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, sexual preferences, disability or background. We think it’s vital to create an environment where our staff feel free to express themselves based on their unique perspectives. Staff should feel safe to voice their concerns and opinions without the fear of victimisation. Creating a safe environment in which to work and allowing people to be themselves we believe will help them to feel accepted and grow, both personally and professionally.

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